A Strange Host


To the Traveler, the village was a painting embroidered on the vast canvas of the black sky. The starry night blazed on the traveler as he sat on his jaunts atop a hill and examined the chalk colored homes. The streets were deserted but well lit with electricity flowing through the street lamps.

Although the Traveler couldn’t see any light coming through the homes, so he got up and moved to scour the little village for any Good Samaritan to take him in at this late hour of the night but the traveler couldn’t find anyone.

He did not want to disturb anyone’s deep slumber. Still not disheartened but afraid that he might have to spend the night on the streets; he moved towards the border of the village. He could see a lonely house atop the hill with no lights on. Sad; he turned around to return to the lighted streets of the chalky village.

A dim light escaped through the window and the traveler turned to look at the silhouette of the women looking straight at him. The Traveler turned his steps and ran with a gleaming hope towards the door and rang the bell twice before knocking on the door in eagerness.

After few long moments the door opened and a lady stood on the other side of the door. She was wearing a red sari and her face was covered with a ‘pallu’ but he could make out the almond shaped eyes through the translucent cloth.

She held a lamp high to get a good look on the travelers face and questioned

“Are you lost?” asked the lady in a mellow sweet voice.

The clear sky turned crimson red with clouds roaring above the travelers head

“Yes.” The Traveler said hopefully.

“Perhaps you are in luck. There is a spare room in my house, where you can sleep.” The Woman said and cleared the way for the Traveler to come in the house. The Traveler heard a loud bang of thunder and the starry night became a hazy memory and was replaced by dark clouds which held the stars captive.

The Traveler moved in the house before the first drops of the rain could hit the ground. The house was big from inside, A staircase running parallel to the hall which was illuminated by the non-incandescent light of bulbs that draped the floor in yellow.

There was a peach colored sofa, and a mismatched chair along with a center table in the name of furniture and a big window to accompany the hall.

“You must be tired, I can make you tea..!” offered the lady

“No, No it’s not necessary.” said the traveler.

“It is not a problem. Really, you take a seat. “said the Woman in red sari and went off to the kitchen before the Traveler could have said anything, the traveler nodded and found his steps tracing towards the sofa and sat on it; the old furniture creaked due to the traveler’s weight.

After few moments of solitude, the silence started to bite in his anxiety as he mildly started to tap his foot in restlessness.  He noticed a spider crawl close to the light bulb and cast a large shadow on the opposite wall.

Traveler started to scan all the walls, his attention was grabbed by the portrait of a man wearing the classic Indian attire and a sword in hand hang on the backdrop of a grey wall. He heard the thunder strike and turned his attention towards the window and tried to look into the dark abyss outside but instead found himself sitting in the dark in complete silence intermittently broken by the loud pangs of thunder.

“Miss… Miss is that you?” The Traveler reacted to the sound of footsteps, no reaction came.

“Misses…” he said again this time with a little effort to prevent his voice from choking.

No reply came but the footsteps got louder so was the Traveler’s heartbeat. He closed his eyes and was too afraid to loud bursts of thunder added to his confinement. A tap on the shoulder and he jumped off the sofa and fell on the ground.

A sickening burst of laughter followed and he slowly opened his eyes to see himself humiliated in front of the mistress of the house. She was standing with a tray and two cups of hot tea, her ‘pallu’ covering her face. The Traveler stood up and strangely the light was back on and laughed at his stupidity.

They sat on the sofa for a round of tea and an awkward silence. The traveler first broke the ice.

“Do you live alone?”

“Yes, my husband has gone out for work.” said the Lady; trying to suppress the sadness in her voice.

“What does your husband do.?” Ask the inquisitive Traveler.

“He is in the military.” She replied.

“Oh… you must be proud of him.” The Traveler said trying to make small talk.

“Why? I am not he is always out and I am lonely.” The lady in the red Sari came closer to the Traveler.

The traveler found himself in an uncomfortable position.

“But he is doing a service to the nation.” objected the traveler.

“What good is the service to the nation; if you cannot take care of your wife and your children?” The Woman was on the verge of crying.

“So you have children?” asked the Traveler acting on the new found knowledge.

“Had; two little boys, but like their father they also left me to pursue higher studies.” The woman started to sob.

The Traveler came near to the Woman.

“I am sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The Traveler said apologetically.

“It is fine, anyways after long time someone has visited Me.” said the Woman and the thunder struck loud and she removed her ‘pallu’.

The Traveler looked at her, she was beautiful, had curly hairs and almond eyes.  The Traveler felt attracted to her and got up before anything could happen.

“Can I ask you one more thing?” The Traveler requested.


“When did you last saw your husband?” The Traveler asked.

“It has been seven months since I saw him, a war broke out and he has to leave abruptly.” The Woman said.

The Traveler turned around “What war?” He asked in confusion.

“You don’t know about the War. The Chinese attacked and my husband is serving in the army to defeat them.” The Woman said shell shocked about how ignorant the Man was.

The Traveler looked at her youthful face and asked another question “What year is it?”

“You fool you don’t even know the year, it is 1962.” A loud pang of Thunder followed.

The Traveler ran towards the door and makes a dash out of it as soon as possible and ran for half a mile when he fell short of breath. He turned around to look at the House. It was a wreck with a broken roof and weed growing at its entrance.

The white chalky houses turned into white chalky tombstones and he realized that he was standing in a cemetery.





















































The Importance of Constitution

constitution-of-indiaOn 26th January 2017, we celebrated our 68th Republic Day. The republic Day was the day when the people of India distanced themselves from the decrees of the kings and the British Empire and accepted a written Constitution (world’s largest written constitution) which united the 562 odd princely states and formed one single nation- India.

Besides the constitution provided a purpose to our beloved freedom, it laid down the rules for the nation to follow and provisions to deal with unforeseen future; but more importantly it gave a simple yet important power of choice to the residents of India.

Any person from any walk of life or caste, color creed can vote and choose a leader who will represent the country on foreign ground as well as have the best intent for the country in his mind. This leader has to take decisions but only after the consent of the majority representatives of the Parliament.

The constitution also ensured the rights to every citizen. The fundamental or basic rights which empower us to stand against the wrongs and a chance to live a life of honor and integrity; to ensure that these may never be misused and disrupts the nation’s sovereignty and integrity, the concept of fundamental duties were added to the constitution. Each citizen must consider those duties to be as a service to nation.

The Constitution also setup a Judiciary body so that the common man has the facility to demand Justice. The main function of the judiciary is to oversee that the social and economic justice may prevail across all the classes of Indian masses and even the poorest person can also have a reach to justice.

Besides Judiciary is a representative of the constitution and it has the authority to intervene with the government policies if they are intended to oppress the general public or not beneficiary to the masses. The Judiciary is guided by the constitution and pass out judgments in accordance with the written constitution, but the reliance of a just counsel lies on the discretion of Judges who are humans who like all other things are corruptible. It is because of this reason the Constitution grants several chances to appeal in higher order of court, giving a chance to both the aggrieved and the defendant to claim the rightful Justice.

The father of our Constitution knew that like everything else on this planet The Constitution also has flaws or will develop them as the Rules become obsolete and could become repressive rather than being progressive for the people of India and might act as shackles for the progress of the nation. So they made provisions for amendments in the constitution. So far there have been 101 amendments made in the constitution of India and many more will follow. It is a never ending process.

To ensure that too much power must not rest on the shoulders of a single person or a small group of people (because men can be flawed, Tyrannical and Unjust) Constitution prepared the architecture of constituency and other bodies in a manner that each one can check the other and have to work with each other, SO that no man or a particular group of men can become a burden on the people of India.

But there is a challenge that the constitution is grappling to fight since its inception- Corruption is a disease that has infected our legal, political, economic and social systems. The constitution cannot fight corruption as it was not designed to do that, if we look at corruption it is not a big problem in itself but what breeds is a bigger one. The trait of dishonesty and self gain leads to a path where Constitution holds no importance.

The makers of the constitution knew that someday the people will question the sovereignty and integrity of the constitution for their own gain and would like to practice anarchy because they will be either frustrated or want total control over others. For that day the makers left their trust on people- the Indian citizen, because no matter how many rules they make or strengthen the Constitution. If the people of the republic won’t follow it then the value of constitution will be reduced to a written piece of paper.


Why we Appreciate Bad?

Recently Shah Rukh Khan launched the new movie trailer raeesfor his upcoming film Raees. The trailer is a spectacular presentation of the thriller that the film is aspiring to be; the trailer is full of Drama and Shah Rukh Khan delivering dialogues in his quintessential baritone.

But as the trailer crosses over ten million views on YouTube, a question arises in my mind that is why do we love outlaws or appreciate the characters which have a sinister scheme. Take Raees for example, It is reportedly based on the Gujarat Don Abdul Latif Shiekh, who controlled the illegal liquor business in the eighties. And somehow, the trailer glorifies him as a hero and a courageous businessman whose methods were justified by his single minded obsession for profit and his daring in challenging the law of the land while breaking it.

If you think that it is a Bollywood problem; it is not. Hollywood is a predecessor for glorifying movies like these. The God father series is an exemplary to it and in the modern world; most of the stories that are told in the cinema these days depicts the plight of the villain or a more romantic term “The Anti-hero”

breaking-badGone are the days when there was clear divide between the Hero and the villain; now the central character of the story is the Anti Hero. Take for example, the case of Breaking Bad, The hit show revolved around Walter White, a high school teacher who sells meth and created an Empire out of it. The TV show was loved by the critics and the viewers alike. Similarly Netflix recently released its new TV series which is currently a rage among the popular viewership. The show ‘Escobar’ chronicles the life of the infamous Mexican drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar.

These type of characters, the outlaws are not created by the directors to satisfy their artistic persistence but to fulfill the ever increasing public demand. The industry offers only such products which sell. We as an audience demand and appreciate the bad or villainous in people.

We may forget Thakur saab, Jai, Veeru and Basanti but we can never forget Gabbar whose menancing dialogues are etched into our brains. Or let’s take recent example of The Avengers which was supposed to be a movie based on the heroics of a bunch of superheroes who stand for qualities such as Courage, integrity, honesty, pride, nationalism etcetera. But the Audience remember the movie because of one singular character; Loki. The villain of the movie whose crooked smile and malign taunts left audience awestruck with the brilliance of his evil.


So I again repeat my question that why are we attracted to the crime, evil and their lives why we get intimidated by their power and why we are always curious to know about the crimes rather than the good things happening in the society.

The reason may be because the criminals represent a life which is not bound by the laws of the country or the norms of the society which often strangulates our desires.

How many times we wanted to kill our spouses in our dreams or wanted to ram our cars into the vehicle in front of us who would not give us a side but consoled ourselves by hurling abuses at him. This is because our desires are constrained by laws, society and most importantly our own inhibited conscience which doesn’t allow us to move as we would truly wish without the fear of consequences.

A story is not interesting because the benevolent son cares a lot about his parents, has perfect wife and good job to support his family. The story gets interesting when the benevolent son is actually not that benevolent. He has all the vices a man should not have.

He is an alcoholic and actually sells drugs to teenagers. But the story will be more interesting if there is no false public image of the son. He is rather a known criminal and has knack for consistently involved in the tussle with the police.

In such stories the stringent laws can be sighted as the real villains, which ostracize the individual free will to that of societal norms. To that effect he represent an array of discerning hopes, His acts might be wrong and ethically disheartening and as Breaking Bad shows us, his action doesn’t need to be justified as achieving some greater good for society, but might act on a selfish notion.

Our society tries to avoid bad traits of personalities by not acknowledging their presence in individuals, everyone is selfish, everyone has some pride in him, everyone fears something and it is human nature to like and dislike people.

Thus we can say that as long as people find themselves construed in the moral and social veil of society, family and nation. The individuals will never stop appreciating those who are free from the these shackles even though most of them would end up behind prison but the prisoner will always be more free from the ones who hide behind the veil.


Image result for security /insecurity

Security is an essential part of the human need hierarchy after food and clothing that human beings demand the betterment of his life.

Security consists of a vast array of objectives that are needed to be achieved before to remove the sense of insecurity from the individual’s ascertained mind.

First & foremost is the need of shelter. This need arises from the basic nature of the animal kingdom. Throughout its history of exploration and discoveries; humans have been in search of new and bigger sanctuaries to live, to prosper and to develop themselves by utilizing all the resources available to them.

The need for this security is strong enough to inspire men to take up weapons and protect it from the invaders who would not stop until they capture the foreign land and deprive the natives of the claim of the natural resources of the land. The survival of species depends on the fact that how well they protect their marked territories from the ever looming invasions.

The second in the list is individual security. A society can establish great walls and hide behind it for generations to come to restrict the enemy beyond its command authority, but it will still live under the fear of insecurity. Because it also exceeds within the state.  The establishment of law and order is the number One objective of any government, whether authoritarian or democratic.

To ensure the safety of the citizens. Government set-up legal bodies, which are influenced by the rules that help them to govern over people and minimize chaos. Such bodies primarily include Police and courts. The first implements the law across the state and carry out the orders of the authority. While the latter deals with the establishment of justice in the society, which I an integral part of any civilised society. Justice is the foreground on which the principles of security are established.

The third type of security is future security. An average man is not a billionaire or even a millionaire. They delve into their lives just to earn a decent living. Which may or may not be enough to fulfil the demand of family and meeting the unprecedented expenses.

 Thus, individuals are often advised to keep a contingent sum. Many financial establishments have observed this need-based their market by exploiting this need of security and are now providing services in terms of insurance, easy loans, investment plans through securities market. The most volatile market.

An individual who has toiled his youth in earning the family bread, often possess a critical view for holdings because despite the extra alertness there have been instances of fraud which discourages individual from trusting the sector with money. On the other hand, an investment in education will give him sure returns; as the development of skills is important for growth and achieving a secured future.

The last but not the least, every single member of the society craves for emotional security. Most people cannot achieve it because this security unlike other is dependent on others and it cannot be assessed with numbers and data through financial and legal instruments.

Each person is unique and has a different level of comfort zone with his/her emotional issues. Some may be emotionally distant others may have irregular bursts of emotion and few of them might be perfectly normal. This emotional insecurity may generate into psychological disorders thus a strategy of each man on its own should be applied

Paper back and the various difficulties it face.

The advent of Ebooks hinted at the fall of paper-based publishing but dramatically both are coexisting and a major share of Amazon’s book sale business still come from Hardbound Books while E- books constitute a mere 19% of the total book sales worldwide.

It is not the share that the publishing fears but the growth rate by which the e-book is getting the hold of a larger piece of the pie. Back in 2006-07, the e-book had a minor share of 2% in the total books sold on Amazon.

Stiff competition from E-book is not the only problem that the paperback industry is facing. There are various other challenges that industry is facing across varied classes. Below is the list of all threats that industry is facing.

First, of course, is the threat of E-Book which is cheaper and often free (if you go for Pdf version or illegal download) and with smartphones and tablets available to almost every urban consumer. The E-books have become more accessible to a wider range of demographic. One can only wonder that despite this the paperback is still in circulation. The reason being this technology is relatively new, people start their learning process with a paperback and old habits die-hard. The books also give a sense of ownership that is not possible with an e-book. A true lover of books only knows the pain of making a library that is filled with obscure books which are your pride.

The second problem is the threat of substitute from entertainment. Like film and T.V shows. Which tend to reduce the book into a screenplay. Though they might bring moolah to the author. The potential new reader might quench his thirst for a good story with the graphic images shot from someone else’s vision and thus excuse himself from reading the book. Although the hard-core bibliophile came up with the phrase “You know, the book is better than the movie.”  Though, often it is observed that the movies or the TV series have resulted in increasing the demand for the obscure books and even making them a worldwide phenomenon.

The third prominent threat is the pressure of society in adopting environment-friendly technology and go Green, by reducing the paper. This preposterous defamation of printed books is by far the most damaging of threats to the industry.  People are urged to switch to E-books in favor of environment and publishers are paying hefty green taxes levied by the government have deterred them from publishing anything on the paper switch to the digital format which is cheaper than the print book.

Despite that, the benefits of a printed file in comparison to its contemporary bunch of pdf’s and another bunch of digital format outweighs the arguments of even the staunchest of the environmentalist.

The fact that printed paper provide hassle free readability and convenience to its readers is far more than the e-books can provide. Plus every writer dreams of caressing his hand over his printed name on the piece of paper.

Books also serve as a nostalgic instrument. As the book can be circulated among a group of friends and no one remembering whose book it actually was, or a younger cousin sneaking into your mini library and taking away the most valuable of the books.

These fond memories cannot be created by E-books. Thus, the paperback market will flourish in the future in some form or the other.


images (2)

‘Earlier I used to be afraid of the dark, I wouldn’t allow my mom to shut the lights off and won’t go to sleep for hours, but now I would trade my accumulated wealth to see the face of darkness shroud my eyeballs.’ Rajiv resisted the urge of scratching his face.

‘How about itching?’ The doctor asked in a non-passionate voice

‘It gets worse with every passing day. It is hard to bear the morning sun.’ Rajiv finally took the paper napkin and wiped the squirm off his right eye.

The doctor passed him a cotton swab and again started the rigorous counselling session He held up a card and said ‘Can you read these letters?’

‘E…F…P…T…O…um L’

‘Repeat the last letter please.’

‘L’ Rajiv faked confidence.

‘Are you sure, it’s not Z’ the doctor asserted the last letter.

Rajiv couldn’t say it clearly.

‘Your eyesight is getting weak. In fact, it has deteriorated ten percent since the last session. I am prescribing another eye drop and couple of sedatives to help you sleep. And Rajiv.’ He paused to gain undivided attention from his patient. ‘I know it is tough to resist the temptation but you need to stop scratching it’

‘Yeah doc. I will.’ Rajiv took the paper from his hand and picked up his tinted glasses from the side table, he stumbled while trying to get up, the Doctor offered help but he rejected it and got up on his own.

Rajiv left the office before the doctor could suggest the stick. Rajiv called a cab to take him home, with a quick stop-over at the medical shop and when he reached his single bedroom apartment, the first thing he did was to switch off all the lights, removed his glasses and went to bathroom.

He splashed water on his face and splashed it again and again until his shirt was soaked in water and his eyes has quenched their thirst. He would have cried out his pain but tears won’t come easily.

He looked in the mirror, he haven’t shaved in a month nor did he have a desire to shave any time soon. The scar on his brow ridge was prominently visible. He massaged the area around his eyes, particularly the eyelids. They were still paralysed, apparently he again have to spend the night with his eyes wide open.

‘Hey freak, how was the appointment?’ The voice came from the hall.

‘They all are okay until I go blind.’ Rajiv yelled. ‘And don’t come in here.’ Rajiv stopped the person as soon as he heard the footsteps. But the door of the washroom was already ajar.

‘Oh my god Rajiv, Why are you sitting on the wet floor, and why is your shirt all soaked up.’ Rajiv looked at the source of the voice and thought if only she was not beautiful. He held her hand and stood up though he felt weak in his knees.

‘Sneha I have an eye condition apparently there isn’t enough space in this house to accommodate two blinds.’ Sneha didn’t reacted to his scathing comment but instead took him to the bedroom.

The room was a dark and only a minimal light escaped through the windows which were otherwise curtained. She removed his shirt and threw a towel at him, ‘Help yourself freak.’ She said before leaving the room. Rajiv smiled and yelled ‘What no pity sex today?’ but Sneha was already out.


Rajiv hated the nights, every night he would lay on his bed waiting for the sleep to come but the primary requirement for sleep was never fulfilled. The sedatives were helpful only to a certain extent, above all he needed eye drops every hour. On the bright side Sneha always lost in the game of stares.

After over thirty sessions with the Doctor, during the course of one month Rajiv was reasonably satisfied that there was no cure and there never will be. Although in the first session, when the Doctor diagnosed him with the disease called Bell’s palsy. Rajiv’s first reaction was to look it up on Wikipedia.

Apparently it is a type of paralysis in which a person loses control of his facial muscle. Sometimes it is the lower lip, some people won’t stop winking, some can’t chew, there are some people who can’t open their eyes and then there are rare cases like Rajiv’s whose eyelids are jammed and won’t shut.

The Doctor ensured him that often the disease was not a big deal and would get cured on its own and only in rare cases it won’t go. Rajiv was disappointed when the Doctor thought that it might be a rare case.

One day Sneha was reading a book in the hall, when she heard a blood curdling scream from the bathroom. She ran into the bath room and saw that Rajiv was lying on the floor, a box cutter lay bare on the floor with its blade stained in blood. The crimson liquid flew out of the corner of his left and right eye, they were not merely self-inflicted wounds; they were the tears of blood.

Sneha took him to the hospital and admitted him while, the Doctor was informed.

‘You need five stitches on each side.’ The doctor was calm but his voice reflected a subverted anger. Rajiv groaned in reply, while Sneha stood beside his bed concerned.

‘Doc will he be ohkk.’ Sneha asked. The Doctor, clearly annoyed he answered ‘Sure, the only problem is that he has damaged his tear ducts so you have to do all the crying for him.’  Rajiv chuckled.

The doctor continued ‘Soon you will be needing a new pair of eyes but with your current condition the Eye bank may reject your case as ineligible.’

‘Great, I also don’t want new set of eyes, I just want to remove these.’

‘Ok, if you want so.’ The Doctor was about to leave when he turned around.

‘Really. A box-cutter. You know there are more violent TV series to take inspiration from.’

Rajiv chuckled and then groaned in pain…


Sneha squeezed the last droplet of Chlorhexdine on Rajiv’s emerald green iris which made a stinging sensation and blurred his near blind vision. She placed the empty bottle back in the medicine box and checked the stock for other medicine.

‘Honey I am going to the medical shop.’ She announced while scribbling a bunch of names and picking her bag she started humming the song.

Rajiv heard her humming the song, which gradually faded in the background and then died when the door was slammed shut. He again heard a faded humming of an old lullaby which grew louder.

‘Sneha…’ Rajiv growled. But the humming didn’t stop.

There was something familiar in the voice, which was making Rajiv uncomfortable, He shifted his head around the room and try to scan the room with his blurry vision. No one was on the left side of the table, he turned his head to the right side; a familiar faint figure appeared on his bedside.

The voice no longer discomforted him, a peaceful smile spread over his face.

‘Maa, Maa…’  The figure smiled back at him.

She gently caressed his hair and ran her fingers on his face, it was soothing touch, it took away all his fear and all of the anxiety. He regained his vision and saw the figure doused in bright light.

‘Sleep, sleep son, everything is alright. Now sleep.’ His eyes felt heavy, and then image faded in the darkness that gradually overpowered his vision. It was all dark and calm, now he could sleep without ever needing to blink.

Anupam’s Story (part 1)

It was a crappy noon as the sun glazed my eyes as I sat facing the glass wall of McDonald’s and I got a headache, not because the sun was brightly laughing at my face but because of Anupam’s constant rants about his non-existent love life and how he will never meet his so-called “true love”.

I stay silent for the better part of the conversion, partly because of the amusement that I received from his misery and partly because of a headache. He gazed at the menu board for several minutes and then asked: “Hey, do you want Mc AlooTikki?” I said, “Ok, and also a Cold Drink.”

We took our order and regained our seats. The topic of the teenage love life was still spinning in his head and then he asked the dreaded question “Tell me Yaar, Have you ever fallen in love?” I had the answer to his question but I stared in the oblivion for some reason long enough for Anupam to drop it, then we spend the rest of the noon munching silently on those overpriced American burgers.

That was the last time I saw him. After that, he joined mechanical engineering in a Noida college and for three long years, I lost contact with him. One day while I was going through my notifications on Facebook I came across the friend suggestions section where I saw a display picture (DP) of Anupam and send a friend request to him.

He accepted the request and soon we were chatting on Facebook, discussing the lost time and how we spent the past three years. While chatting Anupam told me that he would come home next week, so we planned a group reunion with our old high school buddies and decided to meet at the Coffee Shop next weekend.

The next Saturday, our little group of five buddies met after a long time, each one of us shared his share of stories but the most interesting one was Anupam’s story of how he got smitten by a girl in his college and how he became a stalker.

The following story is in his own words:-

It was the first day of college and I was wandering in the college corridors when I first saw her standing in the corridor. She had those long black hair that Garnier would love to advertise, and the sunlight bounced off her light skinned face but I was bewitched by her dark brown eyes that possessed a mysterious smile.

I kept staring at her awkwardly until she took notice of me and abruptly left the hallway, but like true admirer, I stood there until she was far enough to be a silhouette
To my eyes, and I if I turn my back she would vanish into thin air.

That night I searched the whole FB database, all the accounts of my college friends, their friend list, those stupid confession pages and even the official college page for this girl. At last, I found the perfect match in a professor’s profile.

Her DP was a mug shot selfie, I stared at her grainy image for full ten minutes before checking out her relationship status. It was single and now I had to contemplate hard decision that is whether or not to send the friend request.

If I click on that Add Friend icon. I might risk coming out as a desperate stranger who seeks attention. On the other hand, if I didn’t send her a friend request there are chances that we will never meet again and she would become reminiscent of the memories that could be.

I clicked on the Add Friend icon and instantly knew that was insane, now all I could do was to wait and wait for a spell of sleepless night. The next day I was the most desperate man on Facebook, checking my notification in every fifteen to twenty minutes, but every time I clicked on the globe, a Candy Crush request stare back at me, seriously how much of that stupid game one can play.

Time ran out like a fly from a squat trap and the midnight moon hazed through the window shaft upon my bed, there was no reply and with each passing moment my anxiety phased out and I dozed off through the night. Next morning The FB globe was showing one notification, so I crossed my fingers and checked my notification.

I was in total rejoice as she accepted my friend request, I blessed Mark Zuckerberg for creating an illusion that actually let dorks like me believe that they can talk to beautiful girls or just girls.

The alarm buzzed repeatedly until it reminded me of a minor obligation of being in an engineering college that occasionally you have to attend classes even if you don’t want to. So, I closed my laptop, packed my bag and moved out of the room in hope of her being online that evening.

The green dot blinked and became permanent after a while and my heart pounded for a while and I almost backed out and decided otherwise. But then I realized that this might be the only chance I can contact her. So, with great courage, I typed in the first word in her inbox.


ME: Hi (I immediately regretted it.)

SHE: Hi, do I know you?

ME: No but we study in the same college.

SHE: Oh! Really. Which branch.

ME: IT, and you?

SHE: umm, CS.

ME: nice 🙂

SHE: ….(never replied back)

That was the whole conversation I had with her. I was stupid to believe that the above conversation was a beacon of hope for my nerdist world and a hope rise in my heart that my fascination could turn to reality. Though she never replied I slept with a peaceful smile on my face.

The next day I woke up to the morning sun with a triumphant yawn and a cheerful smile. I was trotting the campus with my new found bouncy walk when I saw her standing at the farthest end of the corner and my feet involuntarily moved in her direction; but as I moved closer my smile turned to frown and instantly my feet turned in the reverse direction and walked away with her reverberating laughter in my ears and the image of a stud standing right next to her.

I was heartbroken, but to say it would be exaggerating the fact I never really had a shot with her, that was a concession to my bleeding heart. It saddened my heart for a full day and that day I discovered the power of single malt whiskey.

The next day I woke up with a bad hangover and as the day passed my head receded to its normal state except it had shaken off her image and small memory I had of her. That would have been the end of the tale but life had other plans….